Applied Skin Technology, LLC was established in 2010 for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and marketing physician formulated skin care products of exceptional quality and effectiveness.

AST's operational headquarters are based in Santa Barbara, California with it's exclusive organic certified, FDA registered laboratory located in Los Angeles. All formulation, manufacture and printing is done in the United States. With the exception of it's rare French peptides, all ingredients are American made. All processes, testing and vendors are Certified Cruelty Free. AST adheres to socially and environmentally conscious practices.



Who are we? What do we stand for? What motivates us? Our lives, our business and our products are guided by three core principles:

SERVICE - We are of service. To our community, our family and our customers.

INTEGRITY – We are honorable. We tell the truth. We treat others with respect, kindness and empathy.

EXCELLENCE – We hold the bar high. We strive for excellence in all our endeavors and transactions.


It is from these principles that our product values flow.





Advanced Technology

Powerful & Proven Ingredients

Highly Effective Formulations

No Toxins, Dyes or Fragrances

Environmentally & Socially Responsible Business Practices




The original Dermagenics product, Dermagenics Ultra-Intensive Anti Wrinkle Beauty Moisturizer with Peptides was introduced in 2008 after almost two years for formulating and testing.

The response was overwhelming. Finally, busy women could abandon the five, six or seven step skin care regimen in favor of one cream that was effective for face, neck, under eyes, for use day and night on all skin types. In further testing, we found it worked wonders for men also.

Along the way, a family member developed breast cancer and had to undergo both radiation and chemotherapy. Hoping to be of some help in easing the damage her skin was undergoing, we gave her some Dermagenics to keep the skin hydrated. Amazing things started to happen. Within days, the burning and itching that had kept her uncomfortable all day and awake all night, stopped. Within a week, her skin's redness, soreness and dryness disappeared. As her treatment continued, she was able to maintain smooth, supple and hydrated skin.

Encouraged and energized by this great discovery, we started testing the product on skin that had been challenged by surgical procedures, dermatological treatments and other skin issues. Our findings we nothing short of amazing. It seemed to have substantial benefits on every type of challenged skin we tried. The results were all similar – Dermagenics turned dry, irritated and damaged skin into smooth, supple and hydrated skin. It consistently accelerated recovery while minimizing and softening scar tissue.

Armed with the results of our field test data, we went back into the lab with a new goal. Using our proven effective base formulation, we set out to develop three new use-specific products for recovery, women and men.

In 2011, we introduced Dermagenics Ultra Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Peptides, an all-in-one, highly effective moisturizer for women; Dermagenics Men's Mega-Hydrating Anti-Aging Cream, a hydrating moisturizer specific to men's skin needs: and Dermagenics Collagen Recovery Cream, a soothing, revitalizing moisturizer for the recovery of therapy and procedure damaged skin.

Having created highly effective, products in the middle sector of the Clean, Nourish, Protect skin care process, we then set out to apply our principals of using cutting edge technology to formulate two essential new products to complement our product line. In January 2012 we introduced Dermagenics Purifying Smart Cleanser and Sun Savvy Solar Shield, two breakthrough products that set the new standard in their product classes.