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Fall 2011 Article in Aesthetic Trends - How to Choose the Right Sunscreen: A Guide to Chemical and Physical UV Filters

Sunscreen Press Release, March 2011

Product Launch, October 2010

DERMAGENICS Takes Cancer Recovery to Higher Standards, October 2010

Men's Anti Aging Cream, November 2010

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Alphabetical - Men's Anti-Aging Cream Review "It's a moisturiser, night cream, under-eye cream, anti-aging serum and toner all at the same time."

Truth In Aging - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review "This is a good product especially for anyone who wants to keep their beauty regimen streamlined."

The Makeup Dolls - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review "Great things to say so far. I can't tell you how seamlessly this goes on before don't even know it's there. Perfect for Makeup Artists and beauty connoisseurs alike!"

Britney's Beauty Blog - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review "We both loved how our skin looks and feels after using the Dermagenics Moisturizers."

Latest Beauty - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review "Eliminate clutter, extra expenses and have awesome skin to boot? Yes, please."

Viewpoints - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review "The product worked as advertised by reducing fine lines and wrinkles."

Cinnamon Kitten - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review "I love the feel of this cream. It's very light, not greasy at all and a little goes a very long way. The scent is extremely light (not flowery) and I love that it absorbs within seconds, leaving my skin feeling very moisturized... I highly recommend it"

My Breast Cancer Blog - Collagen Recovery Cream Review "If youthful, healthy, wrinkle-free skin makes you feel good, then Dermagenics might be the magic bullet for beating your blues."

Total Beauty - Collagen Recovery Cream Review "I've been using it for about a month now, and it is incredible. The texture, the way it makes my skin look - I am no longer a spring chicken, and this cream makes my skin look amazing."

Alphabetical - Purifying Smart Cleanser Review "Dermagenics products are a godsend for people with sensitive skin such as myself."