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Gave to my mom and mom-in-law for their birthdays - all three of us are now happy, younger looking women - way to go Dermagenics!
-Happy Gals in Florida

Best cleanser I have tried!  Smells nice too....not chemical based like the other ones I have tried.
-David from Long Beach

Use the sunscreen regularly, love how easy it blends and my make up goes on smoothly over the top.  Best part is I don't break out from using it!  

I really love this product, will buy it again. Blends into my skin easily, doesn't leave whiteness...

Best face sunscreen ever used hands down. Used every day this summer and never clogged my pores. A bit thick going on, but instantly disappears after a few seconds. Very very good product...

I bought this sunscreen because it was so highly rated in all of the important categories. It really does work very well. It is amazing in that it just seems to lay on the top of the skin without causing any breakouts or irritation. I think it works well to block out the sun, and I don't notice it at all after the first few minutes. I would definitely recommend it to a friend...
-Utah transplant

We have all tried the Purifying Smart Cleanser and absolutely love it. It makes you feel squeeky clean with tightened pores and no lingering residue feeling. We are very excited to put it on our shelves and introduce it to our patients!
-Laura Oreste, MD, ALO Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, Merrick, NY

I am so grateful that you told me about Dermagenics! It is by far the best skin care that I have ever used. It has evened out my skin tone and helped with the lines that I am getting around my mouth at my age (64). I hope to be able to use this product for the rest of my life.
-Kathy Garlow, CA

I love your product and have seen a beautiful improvement in my skin texture with a lovely vibrant glow since I started using Dermagenics 2 months ago. To my surprise the wrinkles have really faded as well. The best part is that it’s very gentle on my skin. Great Product!
-Maria from Malibu, CA

I've been using your sunscreen and moisturizing products for about a month now and am very pleased with the results.  They effectively moisturize and protect my skin without being greasy.  Dry skin and even some wrinkles disappear!
-Thomas Bliss, Sherman Oaks, CA

I've been using it for about a month now, and it is incredible. The texture, the way it makes my skin look - I am no longer a spring chicken, and this cream makes my skin look amazing. And I have tried the creams that cost in the triple-digits. They don't even compare to Dermagenics cream.
-Anonymous post on

I was given 3 samples; Collagen Recovery Cream, Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Men's Anti-Aging Cream. I have to just let you know how absolutely amazing the Collagen recovery cream and Anti-aging moisturizers are.

I have been seeing a dermatologist for the last 2 weeks, and i was given product to clear my adult acne. It burnt my skin severely, and the clusters around my cheeks became irritated, itchy, flaky and just awful.

I doubled up with the Dermagenics cream layering the anti-aging over the Collagen recovery cream. This morning, my skin was no-longer itching. It had healed the most burnt, dry patches on my skin. Over night my skin had turned around by 80%.

I've used A LOT of products. My dermatologist is in Beverly Hills, and honestly this has worked to improve the texture and appearance of my face!! I've given the Men's Anti-Aging Cream for my husband to try. (can't force anything:), none-the-less, i will be recommending my clients use this product.
-S.M.L, Santa Monica

I had researched testimonials on the internet on facial products for 62-year-old skin. Your Anti-aging moisturizer was one that users said "it really works." Well, I have to agree. I am in the proces of ordering again, and I love it. I ran out and purchased the Boots #7 which was recommended on Access Hollywood. It doesn't compare. I am also using the soap free facial cleanser. What a remarkable difference. So, just wanted to let you know, "It Works." I am 62 and many of the other moisturizers, labeled firming, actually dry my skin and leave little dry patches.

I'm fortunate to have inherited my father's facial skin that is pretty much free of lines and creases. However, I've noticed a sagging in my chin and lines in my neck from numerous beach-reading sunburns. As a two-month user of Dermagenics Moisturizer, I'm noticing dramatic lifting in my chin area. Also, the lines in my neck are beginning to disappear.  Having tried many other purported skin repair products, I was losing faith in the ability to repair the evidence of my 62-year-old facial aging. Thanks for introducing this product and renewing my belief that the aging process can be controlled and reversed! The face lift surgery I had contemplated is now on permanent hold status.
-Debby, Kansas City

It's taken years off my life! This pearl-like cream is emollient and non greasy, giving me a dewy feel upon application - it took about 2 weeks to start seeing results - but I have a feeling I'll be paying less for botox in the months to come!
-BevHills 90212

Dermagenics is an exceptional breakthrough in the fight against the effects of aging, sagging and wrinkling. It is the most remarkable anti-aging product I have ever seen.
-J. Leichtberg, MD

As a pilot who flies doctors down to South America, I needed something for skin dehydration in the air and for strong sun on the ground. I absolutely rely on Dermagenics. It makes my seventy-year-old skin feel much younger.
-Paul Hissey, Los Angeles, Calif.

The grind of touring and rock lifestyle can age your skin rapidly.Dermagenics is the answer for me! One cream--it's so simple. I highly recommend it.
-Prescott Niles, Bass Player, The Knack, Multi-Platinum and Gold Record Recipient for hits including “My Sharona”

I love my Dermagenics moisturizer. It healed my dry, itchy skin and the visible results are amazing. I'm addicted to it!
-Alicia Doyle, Los Angeles, Calif.

I do believe that Dermagenics offers what your skin truly needs to be healthy and beautiful—in just one easy step, it works for eyes, neck, and face.
-Richard Musso, Ph.D., Biological Chemistry, UCLA

Living in the desert of Phoenix, AZ, I have used many facial moisturizers. When I was introduced to Dermagencis I was amazed with the results after the FIRST day of use. My skin was happy, moist and supple. Continued usage has taken care of so many things - no more dry skin, no more large pores, they have virtually disappeared! Thank you Dermagenics for coming into my life!!
-Joyce Murray, Phoenix, AZ

Within one month of using Dermagenics, I did what I have not been confident enough to do for 25 years--I stopped wearing makeup. After only a few months, people who knew me really well began asking me if I had face work done.
-S.K., Los Angeles, CA

I work with people of all walks of life, including celebrities. It is imperative that I make sure they look their best at all times. Having had extraordinary results using Dermagenics, I know from experience the difference it makes in your skin and recommend it for anyone who wants to look their best and younger, longer. It is a perfect base under makeup--including under the eyes--and illuminates the skin all day and night!
-D. Chetzan, Master Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist to Celebrities, Malibu, CA.

Within the first 24 hours of using Dermagenics Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Moisturizer, I actually felt it working and I could see visible changes around my eyes…My eyes looked younger, the puffiness was gone, my skin was smoother, and overall, I had a healthier glow. I highly recommend this magnificent product to everyone who wants to look younger and also have the absolute perfect moisturizer.
-L. Salvin, M.P.H. and Talk Show Host, Los Angeles, CA

If I had to live on an island and could only take one beauty product with me, it would be my Dermagenics Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Moisturizer. I have used other “brand name” products over the years, but nothing comes close to the results you get with Dermagenics.
-Antoinette Delaine, Artist, Lawndale, Calif.

My doctor recommended Dermagenics to me after months of chemo had done a number on my skin. Having lost my hair and eyebrows as well, I just wanted to feel like myself again. My skin was dry and gray, and although the chemo killed the cancer, it also took my skin with it. I’ve been using Dermagenics for a month now, and I can honestly say that my skin looks better now than it did before I started chemo! Dermagenics, thank you for helping me to feel beautiful again. I can’t seem to keep touching my face because it feels so soft and smooth!
-Karen Jenkins, Portland, OR

Dear Dermagenics, I’ll admit it – I was a sun worshiper from my teens, and all the way through my thirties. I used to use baby oil to make my skin fry! Needless to say, my skin became very wrinkled and started sagging around my jaw line, and I had several deep wrinkles in my forehead, and around my mouth. I tried dozens of expensive “anti-wrinkle” products, but nothing seemed to be working. I stumbled upon Dermagenics, and WOW! It’s like I have the skin of a twenty-something again! Oh, and don’t worry, I wear sunscreen every time I leave the house now. I finally learned my lesson!
-Suzanne Rogers, Scottsdale, AZ

I am a makeup artist for weddings, and have tried every product under the sun, trying to find the perfect moisturizer for all skin types. Brides tend to break out right before their weddings as well. So when I do their trial, prior to the wedding, I always recommend Dermagenics. When I see them again the day of the wedding, their skin has much improved, and no breakouts! I also don’t have to use expensive makeup primers anymore because Dermagenics takes care of that as well. Oh, and of course, my skin looks the best it’s ever looked, thanks to your miracle in a jar!
-Candace, Santa Barbara, CA

My ninety-year-old grandmother recently started dating again, ten years after her husband passed away. She called me up, from the Senior Living Center, and asked me to do some research on the “internets” to find the best age eraser around, because she had a crush on a younger man (he is 80 years old), and wanted to look younger. I ordered her a jar of Dermagenics, and brought it to her. Well, apparently, it worked because a month later, when I went to visit her, she was sitting on the couch, holding hands with her new beau! I don’t know if it’s new love, or the face cream, but granny looks glowing and gorgeous!
-Maile Fletcher, Taos, NM

I had been getting botox and restalyne injections for 5 years, until I lost my job and could no longer afford it. So, last year, I ordered your moisturizing cream, hoping that it would help keep my wrinkles at bay while I was unemployed, but I was skeptical. After one month, my skin had improved greatly. Within 6 months, no wrinkles, and my skin looks fabulous! Even though I can afford injections now, with my new job, I don’t need them! Oh, and my husband is glad that he can tell what I’m thinking because I can express my face again.
-Anonymous, Chicago, IL

I’m 38 years old, and thankfully look younger than I am. But the past few years, I noticed I was no longer getting carded when I ordered a glass of wine, or bought alcohol. I started using your cream a few months ago, and not only have I noticed how much younger my skin looks and feels, but people are carding me left and right! 
-Allison B., Denver, CO

I am an esthetician, and have been giving facials for over 20 years. So, you can imagine how many product lines I’ve gone through during my career. So many products have ingredients in them that are actually harmful to the skin – imagine that! Upon reading the ingredients in your moisturizer, I decided I had to try it out. My clients can’t believe that one product can not only do the work of a handful of separate products, but they see the proof when I’ve finished their facial! 
-Sandra Barnes, San Diego, CA


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