Why Dermagenics?


Dermagenics was developed by a pair of formulating biochemists and a physician specializing in the effects of aging and trauma on skin.  It is a labor of love, fueled by passion and a desire to be of service.

The goal was simple:  Create highly effective, safe and affordable premium skin care line that contained no toxins, dyes or fragrances.

The development was not so simple.  It’s taken years of research, formulation and trials to perfect the Dermagenics formulas.  We can confidently assert that the result of our efforts is a breakthrough product line that challenges (and betters) the best skin care available, at any price.


Dermagenics contains none of the harsh or dangerous chemicals commonly found in other skin care products. Of the 9 personal products ingredients listed by the Environment Working Group as "poison", Dermagenics contains none.   Our products also contain none of the skin degrading irritants that weren’t labeled as poisons.

Dermagenics is free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, alcohol, oils, waxes, nylons, dyes and fragrances, alpha hydroxys or glycolic acid and a raft of other ingredients found in other skin care products.  

The FDA has warned that alpha hydroxys and glycolic acid, common ingredients in skin care products, can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage, which is known to cause skin cancer. Despite growing concern about the health risks of alpha hydroxys and glycolic acid, it is still difficult to find skin care products without them.

Every ingredient that goes into Dermagenics has a specific task to heal the skin and is vetted for its safety. Whether it's delivering crucial moisture, encouraging resilience, improving cell regeneration, or adding natural protein stimulants, each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique restorative properties.  We put in what’s needed and leave out what’s not.


Dermagenics uses no animal by-products in any phase of the formulating process.   We are certified cruelty free and never test any of our products on animals.  Our supply chain is similarly animal free and we do not do business with any supplier that engages in animal testing.   Though we are not a food, all our products are vegan and gluten free.  We don’t recommend eating our products, but our own limited ingestion tests revealed no side effects.  


We practice Win/Win in all our transactions.  Our job is to create safe and effective products and to serve you, our customers.  We are committed to the highest standard of business and environmental ethics.  This means we treat our customers, vendors and employees fairly, with consideration and respect and don’t waste precious resources.


Dermagenics main line product strategy streamlines the process of choosing an appropriate product. Unlike competitors, there is one cleanser, not 4 or 5. There is one moisturizer product in each segment, not 5, 6 or 7, and there is one sunscreen, not 3, 4 or 5.

Most of our competitors provide a dazzling and confusing array of similar products. By simplifying the product line, we are able to focus on providing excellent products in each category, while mitigating the expense of carrying inventory of products that do not serve markedly different applications.  Thus, you are not subsidizing products that do not perform well.  


There’s no magic pill, no overnight fix!   We don’t make exaggerated claims of how years of environmental impact, aging or neglect will be magically reversed in a week or two.  It took some time to do the damage and it’ll take some time to turn it around.  Most skin care makers would like to lead you to believe in an instant cure, but our own physiology contradicts those claims.   

Fact:  In the average 25 year old, skin replicates every 28 days.  At 55 years old, your skin replicates every 58 days.  Any product that promises real results sooner than that is, well, not telling the truth.

Here’s what you can expect from Dermagenics moisturizers:  You will feel the effects immediately with the first application when your skin will feel softer and more supple. You will notice marked results within 30-60 days depending on age.  Follow our tips for healthy skin and your skin texture, suppleness and health will improve dramatically.  With the exception of expensive injections and plastic surgery, it takes time to repair damaged, prematurely aging skin, and the skin’s physiology requires some months before real, consistent and permanent change can occur. However, Dermagenics is the most effective alternative to surgery and injections, giving the same results over time.

We make no exaggerated claims of quick fix "magic pill" results, no "free trial" continuity programs and no bogus "before and after" examples used in our marketing material.


We do not offer free “trial” samples.  We think it’s a rip off.  We’ve all seen those offers. “Try It Free”.  When you call or sign up online, they will take your credit card info and eventually send you some product.  The product is junk and designed solely to take your money.

The catch is that when you sign up for the free sample, you have often unknowingly signed up for the “continuity program”, which means that once a month they will ship you product and charge your credit card.  Trying to cancel your “membership” can take months, all the while the “customer” is being charged.  

This is a scam!  The products are overpriced and of inferior quality.  The perpetrators know that will get an average of 3 months “sales” for each “free” sample they dispense.  We have heard the heartbreaking stories of those who have signed up for a free sample only to be taken advantage of with little or no recourse.  Many of these shady operators pop up using names similar to reputable brands, then disappear after making a killing at your expense. Please don’t fall for it.


Buyer beware! A little known fact about the skin care business is that almost all of the "ten best" review sites for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products are little more than thinly disguised ecommerce sites, either selling the products they place in their top ten list, or receiving substantial compensation for falsely rating the products on their website. We have no affiliate program, and we don't pay for reviews or recommendations. If you read about Dermagenics in a magazine or on the web, you can be assured that it was an honest review.  We don’t pay for reviews.


You won't find them here. Whoever said a photograph doesn't lie, never saw the before and after photos in cosmetic and anti-aging websites, marketing materials and ads. We all want to believe in magic, but most of these before and after photos require a real suspension of disbelief. We think they're highly misleading at best and downright fraudulent most of the time.


Have a question?  Reach out to us.  The principals of the company are available to directly interface with our customers.  We call it personal service and we’re here for you.


At the end of the day, all of the foregoing is good info and certainly shows good intent, but if the product isn’t great, what’s the point?  

Dermagenics is a great product!  Try it.  If you don’t agree, send it back after 30 days for a no hassle refund.  Honestly, we haven’t had a refund request since we started, but we have a lot of satisfied, repeat customers.

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